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Metalworking CNC milling machine. Cutting metal modern processing technology.

HEBEI UNION FASTENERS CO., LTD. is a group company established in 1996 by HSU, Specialized in manufacturing and trading for metal products and corresponding machines. Our group company have our own factories producing nails, staples, and machineries. Main office is located in Shijiazhuang City near Beijing. We produce by our own factories, can provide flexibility service, machines can be customized according to our customer requirements, that's why we have a range of products that cover all the needs of the industry.


At the beginning in 1996, we only produce common nails, two years later we learned from Taiwan to produce coil nails, as we have powerful technology team, and we found China will be big market for coil nails productions, then we begin to produce coil nail machines, little by little, we become to be the designed production enterprise in ministry of machine building industry and member of national mold association. This group company mainly produce high-speed ring shanker machine, automatic high-speed collated nail machine, heading machines, thread roller machine  and their corresponding matching molds and products.


High quality products and excellent service made the group have a very high reputation and share 90% in China market, and export to Europe, Asia, South American, South Africa, etc.

Our company's technical power is strong, has 20 design engineer, 50 debugging technical personnel, our company independently researches and develops, as well as introduces the products produced by foreign advanced technology, and widely applies in the industries of fasteners, has the advantages of convenient operation, stable quality and long useful life etc. The total factory area is over 100,000 square meters, and there are more than 500 employees.

Enterprise Culture

Quality, service, integrity, management

We provide professional services, from product positioning to machinery manufacturing, we have many years of production experience, serving thousands of enterprises. We are outstanding.