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Magnetic feeder

  • Magnetic feeding machine

    Magnetic feeding machine

    specification Power supply 380V/50HZ Total power 1.5KW Output speed 36.25RPM Feeding height 1900mm Total weight 290KGS Dimension 1370*820*2150mm
  • Magnetic feeder

    Magnetic feeder


    Process Description:The workpiece is poured into my hopper (with a spring) from the material frame, and there is a vibration device under the hopper. The vibration device works to evenly distribute the workpiece in the hopper on the raised conveyor belt. There is a strong magnetic field on the back of the conveyor belt, which sucks the workpiece from running along the red trajectory to the top. When the strong magnetic field reaches the top, it is recycled, and the workpiece falls into the next working plane of the process.