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Nail making machine



    Our High Speed Nail Making Machine is built to deliver top-notch performance, producing nails of exceptional quality consistently. Its fast production rate ensures a high output capacity, allowing businesses to meet growing market demands without compromising on quality or delivery timelines. From construction companies to woodworking workshops, our machine is the perfect fit for any business that requires nails for their operations.

  • High Speed Nail Making Machine

    High Speed Nail Making Machine

    Our High Speed Nail Making Machine is its ability to significantly reduce labor costs. By eliminating the need for additional workers, businesses can save on salary expenses. This machine is so efficient that it does not require constant monitoring or nursing after it has been set and adjusted. This means that you can put your trust in our machine and focus on other important tasks, while it continues to produce high-quality nails effortlessly.

  • Nut forming machine

    Nut forming machine

    A nut forming machine is a specialized device used in the manufacturing of nuts. Nuts, as commonly known in the hardware industry, are small metal pieces used to fasten objects together. These essential components are found in various industries, including automotive, construction, and aerospace, among others. Traditionally, nut production required multiple steps, including casting, machining, and threading. However, with the invention of the nut forming machine, this process has become significantly more efficient.

  • HB- X90 High Speed Nail Making Machine

    HB- X90 High Speed Nail Making Machine

    Another notable feature of the HB-X90 is its versatility. This machine can produce a wide range of nail types and sizes, accommodating the diverse needs of manufacturers. Whether it is for common nails, roofing nails, or specialty nails, the HB-X90 can handle the task efficiently. This versatility provides manufacturers with the flexibility to adapt to market trends and fulfill the specific requirements of their customers.

    In addition to its superior performance, the HB-X90 High Speed Nail Making Machine also prioritizes safety and ease of use. It is equipped with advanced safety features to protect operators from accidents or injuries. The machine is also designed with user-friendly controls, minimizing the learning curve for operators and enabling faster production ramp-up.

  • High quality lower price and easy operation nail making machine

    High quality lower price and easy operation nail making machine

    This machine adopts plunger type structure so as to ensure the features such as high speed, low noise and less impact.It’s easy to be adjusted and maintained.Especially, it can make the high quality of oil rivet nail and other shaped nails used for high speed welding nailer and nail gun.With this model you can produce nails efficiently with low noise.

  • F/T Brad Nail Making Machine

    F/T Brad Nail Making Machine

    In today’s fast-paced world, where efficiency and precision are highly valued, the F/T Brad Nail Making Machine has emerged as a game-changer in the nail manufacturing industry. This state-of-the-art machine not only streamlines the production process but also ensures consistent quality and durability of the final nail product.

    The F/T Brad Nail Making Machine is a fully automated device designed to produce brad nails of various sizes and lengths. It is equipped with cutting-edge technology that enables it to swiftly and accurately manufacture large quantities of brad nails without compromising on quality. This machine has revolutionized the nail manufacturing industry by significantly reducing production time and costs.

  • Roofing Nail Making Machine

    Roofing Nail Making Machine

    1.Long service life, no less than the traditional common nail making machine, for at least seven years. White belt at low cost and long life which is 5-6 months without an incorrect operation.

    2.Automatic oiling , few lubrication points,much less than traditional machines and other nail making machines on market.It is still very tidy when operating.

    3.No dismantle if not change nail mold specifications which can work for 3 months.  Punch time is five times than ordinary equipment depending on the actual using status.

    4.Nail cutter do cutting without touch;low consumption of nail mold, no crack, no fixed mold raw wear, no mold clogging. Nail cutter, nail mold, punch can be repaired for many times at the same cost compared with general equipment.

  • High Speed Nail Making Machine

    High Speed Nail Making Machine

    Motor Power(KW) 7KW Speed(PCS/min) 750(PCS/min)
    Diameter of Nail(mm) Φ2.0-Φ3.8mm Total Weight(KG) 3200KG
    Length of Nail(mm) 35-80mm Overall Dimension(mm) 1850*1100*1100mm