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  • Nail washing machine

    Nail washing machine

    Parameter Speifications 400KG 600KG 1000KG 1500KG 2000KG 2500KG Dimensions (length * width * height) 1850*1000*1400 1850* 1000*1400 2110*1300*1450 2600*1400*1650 3180*1400*1460 3680*1400*1650 Motor power 4KW 4KW 7.5KW 11KW 11KW 15KW Gearbox 250Gearbox 250Gearbox 350Gearbox 400Gearbox 400Gearbox 500Gearbox Machine weight 650KG 650KG 850KG 1300KG 1300KG 2100KG Capacity 480KG 480KG 800KG 1200KG 1200KG 2000KG 8-hour production 1440KG 1440KG 2400KG 3600KG 3600KG 6000KG Single barr...
  • Fully Automatic Seat Type C-ring Machine

    Fully Automatic Seat Type C-ring Machine

    The equipment has beautiful appearance, scientific and reasonable structure, convenient operation, stable and reliable performance, low noise, high efficiency, low loss, and can produce 250-320 nails per minute.The products are mainly used for the connection of mattresses, car cushions, sofa cushions, pet cages, rabbit cages, bag springs, chicken cages and fences in the breeding industry.

  • Eye Bolt Thread Rolling Machine

    Eye Bolt Thread Rolling Machine

    Our engineers have been focusing on R&D machines for many years and our machines have been upgraded generation by generation. Produce machine by our experienced team according to customer requirement.Assist customer to select the most suitable machine and give them our professional suggestion. Provide customer operation manual or video for machine to help them operate machine more eficiently.

  • Sofa Spring Clips Machine

    Sofa Spring Clips Machine

    Customized available

    NC numerical control feeding system

    Highly efficient refining automatic press(non-standard) 25T/30T/40T/63T

    Advanced two-in-one automatic mold.

    Automatic detection and protection system.

    Efficient, stable, easy to operate and maintain.

  • Eye Bolts Making Machine

    Eye Bolts Making Machine

    Eye bolts are a versatile type of fastener widely used in various industries, including construction, transportation, and manufacturing. These bolts are known for their looped end, which enables them to be easily attached or secured with chains, ropes, or cables. With the increasing demand for eye bolts, the need for efficient and reliable production methods arises. This is where the eye bolts making machine comes into play.

    Eye bolts making machines are advanced manufacturing equipment designed to automate the process of bending and shaping metal rods into eye bolts. These machines are developed using cutting-edge technology to ensure precise and consistent production. With their adjustable settings, eye bolts making machines can adapt to different specifications and sizes, making them suitable for a wide range of applications.

  • Nut forming machine

    Nut forming machine

    A nut forming machine is a specialized device used in the manufacturing of nuts. Nuts, as commonly known in the hardware industry, are small metal pieces used to fasten objects together. These essential components are found in various industries, including automotive, construction, and aerospace, among others. Traditionally, nut production required multiple steps, including casting, machining, and threading. However, with the invention of the nut forming machine, this process has become significantly more efficient.

  • Totally-Enclosed Self Drilling Screw Thread Rolling Machine

    Totally-Enclosed Self Drilling Screw Thread Rolling Machine

    The thread rolling machine mainly uses two pieces of the same,the thread rolling surface has the same tooth shape with the bolt thread of the same helix Angle of the same tooth shape,in the mutual movement of the thread rolling plate between the two screw plates to rub out the thread. The thread board is processed once and once with a bolt thread,which has the characteristics of high efficiency,high precision and reduced labor cost.Suitable for professional mass screw thread production and processing.

  • Type Fencing Staple Making Machine

    Type Fencing Staple Making Machine





    Diameter of Nail ≤



    Length of Nail



    Production Speed



    Motor Power



    Total Weight



    Overall Dimension



  • Z12 Series 1-Die 2-Blow Cold Heading Machine

    Z12 Series 1-Die 2-Blow Cold Heading Machine

    1. The machine main frame and ram etc have been heat treated for releasing the internal stress and normalized after casting to avoid any deformation in long term operation and keep a stable precision.

    2. Cut-off roller is supported on both sides to gain maximum rigidity and stable cut-off.

    3. A simple and rational design for absorbing the up and down moving shock of punch slider with a quick adjustment and easy maintenance.

    4. Overam type main slider with liners made of high alloy steel allows long and stable precision. The P.K.O. prevent spill-out of the forged parts from forming die before being knock out.

    5. Safety pins are used for knock out and cut-off mechanism to prevent any damage of the machine parts.

    6.”Inching”, “Single Stroke” and “Continuous Running” makes alignment of machine with tooling much easy.

    7. A PLC controlled safety checking system can monitor the performance of key system and display and alarm any abnormality.

  • F/T Brad Nail Making Machine

    F/T Brad Nail Making Machine

    In today’s fast-paced world, where efficiency and precision are highly valued, the F/T Brad Nail Making Machine has emerged as a game-changer in the nail manufacturing industry. This state-of-the-art machine not only streamlines the production process but also ensures consistent quality and durability of the final nail product.

    The F/T Brad Nail Making Machine is a fully automated device designed to produce brad nails of various sizes and lengths. It is equipped with cutting-edge technology that enables it to swiftly and accurately manufacture large quantities of brad nails without compromising on quality. This machine has revolutionized the nail manufacturing industry by significantly reducing production time and costs.

  • Thread rolling machine for threaded rod

    Thread rolling machine for threaded rod

    Main functions of thread rolling machine make products happen plastic deformation by pressing of two dynamic and statics screw plates, and form the thread needed, it can accurately grinding various standard thread tooth of national standard, ISO, DIN, JIS, ANSI, BS, GB, etc., the machine has the advantages of rapid speed and good stability, the minute capacity can be up to about 300pcs, it is advanced thread machine with higher speed in the current market, which is suitable for mass production in the large scope thread factory. It can also design, coil abnormal screw and abnormal hardware and metal products especially according to the customers’ requirements.

  • Multi spindle speed tapping Machine

    Multi spindle speed tapping Machine

    We adopt advanced technology. Can tap the common nuts and also special ones, nice shape, convenient use, safe operator. This new tap machine adopts intelligent program so as to ensure the features such as safety, low noise and less impact, Especially, it will be stopped automatic if the nut didn’t sit correctly like crooked, it will alarm the worker to check.

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