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Wire Mesh Machine

  • Hexagonal Mesh Machine

    Hexagonal Mesh Machine

    Smooth operation,low noise,fast weaving speed.The whole equipment is driven by a 2.2KW motor,saving electricity.More labor-saving,as a result of the elimination of the spring process,one equipment is enough,skilled workers can operate two equipment.

  • Wire Mesh Welding Machine

    Wire Mesh Welding Machine


    Our company absorbed the domestic advanced control technology on the basis of field visits to user needs, summarize the size of the customer in the use of the old welding machine shortcomings, improve the development of a successful use of synchronous control technology, welding time and sub-control welding are composed of PLC digital programming system, welding can be adjusted within the specified range of control precision, stable performance of which the input panel for the touch screen, the operation is more intelligent, rationalized, and has a compression, split welding characteristics. Rationalization, and has a compression, sub-welding characteristics. The biggest advantage of the machine is: can appear in the same network between the weft and weft 30 different sizes of holes, weft wire to straighten and cut off into the funnel using a stepper motor automatically fall wire, fall wire is not normal, the equipment suspended until the fall wire is normal, pulling the network using servo motors to make the grid fine-tuning easy, high accuracy of the grid size, servo motor can be cyclic pulling the network, automatic construction coil mesh line welder welding speed, only need 2 people can complete the operation, simple and easy to learn. The product can be rolled, set the required number of meters on the touch screen when it comes out, the equipment will automatically stop when it reaches the number of meters, and it can also come out of the film, and the film will be automatically cut by the screen cutter after the completion of one mesh pulling, and the warp wire is coiled wire human material.

  • Welded mesh machine

    Welded mesh machine

    Measure the length of the end of the weft wire according to the net drawing control system and record it in the computer, and at the same time send the weft wire to the welding transformer for automatic welding; the warp wire is automatically sent to the next weft wire by the electric welding machine; and through the control system completes the whole net pulling process.

  • Grassland network machine

    Grassland network machine

    Network width


    vertical wire spacing

    5cm-50cm Adjustable every 2.5cm

    Horizontal wire spacing

    7.5cm-30cm  (Can be customized according to user requirements)


    30-50 times/min

    Braiding wire diameter









    380V 50HZ 3-phase4-wire (customizable)

    frame material


    Mold material

  • Chain link fence machine(double wire)

    Chain link fence machine(double wire)

    The chain link fence machine is also called the knitting machine. When it needs to be adjusted during use, it is operated manually, or it can be operated automatically according to needs. Chain link fence machine has been widely used in construction industry, highway, railway, bridge and other industries after years of development. With automatic edge locking function, the operation is simple and easy to learn.

  • Chain Link Fence Machine(Single Filament)

    Chain Link Fence Machine(Single Filament)

    Chain link fence machine is also known as diamond net machine, coal mine support net machine, anchor net machine, chain link fence machine product display machine, net weaving machine. Chain link fence machine is a kind of wire mesh machine that crochets low carbon steel wire, stainless steel wire, aluminum alloy wire, PVC wire and plastic sprayed wire to form chain link fence. The mesh has uniform mesh, smooth mesh surface and beautiful appearance , The web width is adjustable, the wire diameter is adjustable, it is not easy to corrode and has a long service life, the weaving is simple, beautiful and practical.

  • Grassland Mesh Machine

    Grassland Mesh Machine

    Grassland Mesh Machine is a wrap-around fence net, which is characterized by being difficult to pull apart, full of elasticity, and the secondary net is not easy to rust.