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Roofing Coil Nail Making Machine

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This machine is used to produce coil nails and wire rods and is widely used in the fastener industry.Our fully automatic nail rolling machine has a good performance in terms of production speed and precision,which can meet the needs of various customers.


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This Roofing Coil Nail Making Machine is a fully automatic high-frequency high-speed welding equipment. Nails will be placed in the charging hopper automatic discharging, by the vibration plate will be nail in order to arrange through the discharging track into the welding line rows of nails, and then automatic dip paint rust, drying and counting automatically rolled into rolls (flat-topped and pagoda type), according to set the number of branches per roll automatically cut, by the operator will be the finished product packaging. This equipment adopts imported programmable controller and touch graphic display and other high-tech products, the system of lack of material, leakage of nails, counting, shearing and other processes for automatic detection, so that the entire system is accurate, reliable and stable quality.


Work Power(V) AC380
Power(KW) 8
Air Pressure(KG/M2) 5
Total Weight(KG) 1800
Diameter of Nail (mm) 3.05
Length (mm) <55
Production Quantity(Unit/second) 2500
Work Area(mm) 2700*1500*2500

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