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Chain link fence machine(double wire)

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The chain link fence machine is also called the knitting machine. When it needs to be adjusted during use, it is operated manually, or it can be operated automatically according to needs. Chain link fence machine has been widely used in construction industry, highway, railway, bridge and other industries after years of development. With automatic edge locking function, the operation is simple and easy to learn.

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Simple operation; quick upper and lower molds: fast weaving speed
High-speed operation and strong torque conditions ensure high production efficiency.
Production speed per hour: 200-230 square meters
The fuselage part cooperates with the weaving net part, and then configures a motor, and the rear side of the fuselage is equipped with a push plate to weave the steel wire mesh. Two steel wires can be braided at the same time, doubling the efficiency.
Body width: 2 meters
The chain link fence CNC edge-seaming machine locks both sides of the woven steel wire mesh to prevent the wire mesh from falling off/falling off.
The NC rolling net rolls the woven steel wire mesh to achieve convenient transportation/handling conditions.
Save time and effort, save labor.

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