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Screw shank coil nails are on sale

Short Description:

We produce for many big hardware group companies in Spain, South Africa and many other areas in the world.

Following are the production characteristics for your reference:

Head: Square head and Philip Head

Point: Bullent point

Material: Q235

Finish: Heat treatment E.G Galv

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Nail-screw can be used for many applications, NailScrews work great for decking, composite decking, manufactured housing, pallet and crating, subfloor, roof decking, fastening wood to metal, fastening wood to wood, treated lumber applications, and many more every day!


Nailscrew a specially designed screw that you pneumatically drive with your nail gun! Nail-Screws can help them and are enjoying increased production, time savings, and labor savings.

Nail-Screws combine the advantages of collated nails (ease and speed of installation) with the best aspects of screws (quality and adjustability).

The rust removal is treated by polishing, and it needs to be soaked in rusty liquid for 10 minutes after polishing. The polishing particles need to be added during the polishing of the nails, and the polishing particles are 200 -destined quartz stone particles. The connection parts use copper -plated iron wire, and copper -plated wire is set on the nails for two rows.

The present invention is made of advanced nails and then adds connectors. At the same time, spray paint paint can make paint on the nail easier to dry and improve production efficiency.

The above is only a specific implementation method for the present invention, but the protection scope of the present invention is not limited to this. Any technical personnel who are familiar with this technology field will be based on the technical scope of the invention within the technical scope of the invention. And its invention conception is equivalent to replace or change, all should be covered within the protection range of the invention.



Shank and Point

Shank and Point

packaged and loading container05

Packaged and loading container

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