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Paper fastening machine with mechanical arm

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This machine is designed by our company and can produce paper strip nail and offset nail head paper strip nail. It can also produce automatic nut and partial automatic nut with clearance paper ordering nails, The nail row angle is adjustable from 28 to 34 degree. The nail distance can be customized. It has reasonable design and excellent quality.

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Variety of products: The paper row nail machine can produce paper strip nails, offset nail head paper strip nails, automatic nuts, partially automatic nuts, paper strip nails with gap and other types of products to meet different customer needs.

Nail angle adjustment: The machine can adjust the nail angle according to the need, between 28 and 34 degrees, to adapt to the requirements of different products, to enhance the diversity and flexibility of production.

Nail spacing customisation: Nail spacing can be customised according to customer requirements, ensuring that the product produced meets the specific needs of the customer, increasing the level of personalisation and customisation of production.

Reasonable design: The equipment is reasonably designed, easy to operate, easy to maintain and manage. High-quality materials and precise processing technology ensure the stability and reliability of the equipment.

Our Paper Strip Nailer is a versatile, high-performance machine with the ability to produce a wide range of product types, bringing greater flexibility and efficiency to your production line. Whether you are producing paper strip nails or other types of products, our equipment is able to meet your needs and provide you with all-round support and security for your production.

Work Power(V) Three-phaseAC380 Length of nail (mm) 50-100
Totalpower(kw) 12 Diameterofnail(mm) 2.5-4.0
Ratedfrequency(Hz) 50-60 Angleofnail 28°-34°
Air pressure(kg/cm2) 6 Speed(unit/piece) 1500
Totalweight(kg) 2000 Overall 6700*1300*1800

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