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  • Polished Coil Nails

    Polished Coil Nails

    Product material: carbon steel

    Product standard: GB/YB

    Surface treatment: polished/painted/galvanized

    Usage: Suitable for soft and hard wood, export pallet wooden boxes, furniture manufacturing, construction, decoration industry, etc.

  • Threaded Coil Nails

    Threaded Coil Nails

    Product material: carbon steel

    Product standard: GB/YB

    Surface treatment: polished/painted/galvanized

    Usage: Suitable for pallets, export wooden box operations, furniture manufacturing, etc.

  • Drywall Nail

    Drywall Nail

    Uses:Suitable for gypsum board, wood keel, wallboard links, lightweight partition walls and ceilings ceiling series installation.


    Surface treatment: black phosphate/blue white zinc/colour zinc plating


    Material: carbon steel

  • Fiberboard nails

    Fiberboard nails

    Suitable for linking and fastening between wooden plates, thin iron plates, wall panels, and various thin metal plates


    Surface treatment: heat treatment process color zinc plating


    Product material: carbon steel

  • ST-Type Brad Nails

    ST-Type Brad Nails

    It mainly plays the role of decorative fixed links, interior decoration, wooden packaging boxes, and lightweight wooden keel connections.

    Surface treatment: galvanized

    Product material: carbon steel

  • 2.3*50mm ring shank coil nail

    2.3*50mm ring shank coil nail

    Made by high quality Q235 material, with perfect steady machines, made our nails tips sharp, caps round and nail body straight. With more than 15years experience producing and export, we can make customized for divergent point of the nail, or make logo on head, etc. Our nails can works properly with guns because of high strength, high efficiency and beautiful appearance (anti rust) coil nails are used for wood pallets, wooden cases and furniture manufacturing, etc.

  • Roofing Coil Nails

    Roofing Coil Nails

    High quality American Standard Q195 material. Perfect quality (nail tip, round nail cap, straight nail body, solid welding, even nail row) Bright and flat nail cap, more gun saving, high strength, high efficiency, good for every nail, can be plated, hot plated (rust-proof and beautiful) Diameter:2.1mm to 3.8mm Lenght:25mm to 90mm

  • 3000pcs per coil jumbo coil nails

    3000pcs per coil jumbo coil nails

    Angle: 15 degree flat or 16 degree conical, 11 degree, 0 degree

    Diameter: 0.083″ 0.092″ 0.099″ 0.113″ 0.120″ 0.131″ 0.148″

    Length: 25mm-130mm

    Shanks: smooth, ring, screw

    Point: diamond, chisel, blunt

    Finish: bright, E.Galv. M.Galv. H.D Galv. 304 316 stainless steel

  • Screw shank coil nails are on sale

    Screw shank coil nails are on sale

    We produce for many big hardware group companies in Spain, South Africa and many other areas in the world.

    Following are the production characteristics for your reference:

    Head: Square head and Philip Head

    Point: Bullent point

    Material: Q235

    Finish: Heat treatment E.G Galv

  • High Carbon Nails

    High Carbon Nails

    Purpose:Usage made of high quality carbon steel,used in decoration industry, fixing different structures of aluminum alloy and concrete.

    Lenght:16mm to 150mm

  • Pipe Clip Nail

    Pipe Clip Nail

    High strength, high efficiency, good toughness

    Simple and easy to use

    Good for every grain

    Specification:Φ15mm Φ20mm Φ25mm

    Use:Fixed water pipe and line pipe

  • Integrated ceiling nails

    Integrated ceiling nails

    Integrated ceiling nails are mainly used in integrated ceilings, with a length of 32 mm (also available in 42 mm, special order), a diameter of 8.5 mm for the plastic shell and a thickness of 2 mm for the iron sheet. The nail has a threaded hole with a diameter of 6mm, 8mm or 10mm. This threaded hole is just right for docking the fillet rod, also called a spreader bar or screw. Then it goes on down to link the keel finally to achieve the ceiling installation of the roof.

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